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Started my grooming business in the garage in back  of my small country home in Kingston Springs, TN.  After renovating the space using all recycled materials myself and business partner  opened for business servicing the farm communities surrounding us. We learned as much as we could about grooming all breeds and mixed dogs by attending professional classes, videos, hands-on, working in pet salons, watching other groomers, books, seminars.. and we will continue to do whatever it takes to be the best we can for your pet. 


  • Grooming since 2002

  • Accredited Dog Trainer & Behavior Instructor since 2000. 

  • Member of National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGGA) and National Dog Groomer Association of Mobile Groomers.

  • Kind, concerned, safety conscious and Insured.

  • Knowledgeable with multiple breed and "personality" styles and cuts.

  •  We keep up with the TRENDS.

  • Newer  6x10 trailer fully equipped for comfort​

  Our passion for the "artistry" of grooming and styling dogs never wanes. We will continue to demonstrate our love for the ​​profession with each client.  Your K-9 Kid is an individual and is very important to us.  We want you to be happy with our services, so please let us know when we fall short. Affordability is our cornerstone so that every dog has the opportunity to get luxury attention---at home!

Ask about our brochures or see our BLOG (to come) for solutions to skin problems (fungus, flakiness, matting, shedding etc.) OR ask about our recommendations for dog food and other products that will help alleviate problems BEFORE you spend money at the vet.  We recommend many earth friendly and home remedy solutions first. 






 We are K-9 Kids!

“I'm picky about how my dog looks. K-9 Kids did and excellent job and I think he's happier too!

Terri M. ,  Mandela's mom


“We went to 3 different groomers in Atlanta and they never looked this good!   Thank you K-9 Kids!  ​

 Parents of Jade and Brandon



what you get

Brick & Mortar Salons   


  • You can wait up to 8 hrs. to pick up your dog and he's still dripping wet!
  • Crowded & Unhealthy
  • Noisy and Confusing
  • Sub-par and inconsistent results by inexperienced groomers. You may not get the same groomer!
  • ​Do you really have time to load all your K-9 kids in the car, and then go back and pick them up?

Mobile Salons

  • FAST! -- Most grooms completed in 2 hours or less!*

  • We come to YOU!

  • Affordable --- in cost and the health of your pet when you maintain a regular grooming schedule.

  • ​One-on-One personal attention.

  • Consistent results

  • We take Multiple Pet Families. 3 -5

  • Perfectly quiet and SAFE for Senior pets.

​ Notes:  * Less if dog is on a 4 wk. Groom or De-Shed Program.​​

The K-9 Kids' Mobile Salon

Equipped with:

  • ​Full size "people" bath tub
  • ​Hot water heater
  • Air conditioned and heated​
  • Full size hydraulic grooming table
  • Clean and regularly maintained
  • Generator
  • ClipperVac - for healthy environment.
  • Soothing Music

In most cases all we need from you is  an electrical outlet!


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